Suppliers Night, 2013


Networking Event, 2013


The event began with Virtual Golf and the Texas Hold’em Poker Tournament.  There wasn’t enough snow on the ground for the Winter Snowshoe Relay.  The Winter Relay was a bit different this year!

Awards Banquet, 2013


2013 Awards:

Distinguished Supplier Award: Commercial Creamery (Peter Gilmartin, Brad Gilmartin, Earl Gilmartin, William Gilmartin, Bill Bridges, David Woods, and Marsha Martin).

Distinguished Member Award: Ron Bates

Scholarship Recipients: Lynette Anderson, Athena Beckwith, Corbin Hohl, Jacob Jenott, Kari Jones, Christopher Maze, Kathleen Moment, Samantha Watkins, and Amanda Wilder.

Speaker Sessions, March 2013


This year’s Speakers were great!  Here are some highlights from the sessions.  Once we have permission to post presentations, we’ll put a link up on the main website.

Wine and Microbrew Reception, March 2013


Professional Workshops, March 2013


2010 Networking Event, Awards, and Board Members


2010 Awards:

  • Distinguished Member: Jack Beidleman (Idahoan)
  • Distinguished Service: Jay Astle (Univar)
  • Distinguished Supplier: Univar, USA
  • Past Chair: Cheryl Lodge (Simplot)
  • Distinguished Support: Heinz North America

2010 Board Members:

  • Chair: Josie Landon (Heinz)
  • Past Chair: Cheryl Lodge (Simplot)
  • Chair Elect: Nathan Bronson (PPI)
  • Secretary: Jolene Cram (Simplot)
  • Secretary Elect: Shawn Harrison (Kraft)
  • Treasurer: Jay Astle (Univar)
  • Member-At-Large: Kathy McBride (Basic American Foods)
  • Membership Chair: Matt Hobson (Heinz)
  • Suppliers Night Coordinator: Nancy Smith (Univar)
  • Historian: Veldon Hix (Miles Willard Technologies)