2010 Networking Event, Awards, and Board Members

2010 Awards:

  • Distinguished Member: Jack Beidleman (Idahoan)
  • Distinguished Service: Jay Astle (Univar)
  • Distinguished Supplier: Univar, USA
  • Past Chair: Cheryl Lodge (Simplot)
  • Distinguished Support: Heinz North America

2010 Board Members:

  • Chair: Josie Landon (Heinz)
  • Past Chair: Cheryl Lodge (Simplot)
  • Chair Elect: Nathan Bronson (PPI)
  • Secretary: Jolene Cram (Simplot)
  • Secretary Elect: Shawn Harrison (Kraft)
  • Treasurer: Jay Astle (Univar)
  • Member-At-Large: Kathy McBride (Basic American Foods)
  • Membership Chair: Matt Hobson (Heinz)
  • Suppliers Night Coordinator: Nancy Smith (Univar)
  • Historian: Veldon Hix (Miles Willard Technologies)


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