2011 Awards Banquet


2011 Awards

  • Distinguished Member: Andy Pollard (Univar)
  • Distinguished Service: Matt Hobson (Heinz)
  • Distinguished Supplier: Kraft Food Ingredients
  • Past Chair: Josie Landon
  • Distinguished Support: JR Simplot

2011 Board Members

  • Chair: Nathan Bronson (PPI)
  • Past Chair: Josie Landon (Heinz)
  • Chair Elect: Jolene Cram (Simplot)
  • Secretary: Shawn Harrison (Kraft Food Ingredients)
  • Secretary Elect: Brian Huber (Heinz)
  • Treasurer: Jay Astle (Univar)
  • Member-At-Large: Kathy McBride (Basic American Foods)
  • Membership Chair: Matt Hobson (Heinz)
  • Suppliers Night Coordinator: Nancy Smith (Univar)
  • Historian: Randy Friedley (Univar)

2011 Workshops


Workshop 1: Generating New Ideas- Tips and Techniques by Pamela Marcus, FONA Market and consumer Insight Lead

  • This session helped introduce some basic techniques and tools, such as Edward de Bono’s Lateral Thinking™, which helps individuals, teams, and companies solve tough problems and create new products, processes, and services.  This ideation presentation prepared attendees to brainstorm with their team to generate new ideas.

Workshop 2: Moving from Trends to Development to Market by Janet Carver, RCA (Research Chefs Association) President

  • Janet has been in the Consumer Solutions & Product Innovations division of National Starch Food Innovation for 20 years.  She graduated from Peter Krump’s NY Cooking School and has been active with the RCA for 11 years.  She also consults with many of the world’s finest chefs on the usage of NFSI Starches.